Friday, February 16, 2007

That Pedigree Commercial

For the last day on gmail, I've had the youtube link to the "Shelter Dogs" Pedigree commercial. Every time I see this commercial, I get tears in my eyes. I think it's great, and would love to know which ad agency has been churning these ads out. They are consistent, branded and always touching. Plus David Duchovny's (I think) voice is great, because he sounds little dog like himself. This commercial really makes me want to go get another dog, even as I look at Poppy and Vulcan.

My sister got her dog, Bones, from a "No Kill" Animal Shelter in Aldie, Va. I really admire them for what they do, but sadly, the dogs only get out of their cages for a short walk on Sunday. Bones lived there for 5 years we think, and was interacted with very little. But nevertheless, he's a great dog. So, everyone should get a dog from a shelter, they deserve homes too.

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