Wednesday, January 31, 2007

So I'm trying again

Here, my friends, is another attempt at blogging. Yes, yes, I know, I'm about 5 years late, but give me a chance. Hopefully, this time I won't forget my password and ID after 1 day, as that has happened repeatedly in the past.

So, I work for Arnott Mason Corporation, mostly commonly known as where I manage the database and tend to minor IT issues as well as writing copy for ads and dabbling in a little marketing. Right now, we are still feeling the effects of a bad rollout thanks to Everest, our new software provider. e2Solutions has been holding our hand through the process, but it's been a rocky transition.

Right now I'm sick, and not feeling very funny, but I hope to recover from the plague soon. I recently took a vacation with totally awesome boyfriend, Pepper, and 10 other kool kids to the British Virgin Islands where we rented a boat and sailed for a week. I took some hilarious pictures.

Also Pepper scored and played the music for an American Express commercial that is currently playing in Colorado. See it here.